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C Y D N E Y  +  D A L L A S

Two insanely talented and effortlessly cool best friends have created one hell of a label and one of my personal favourites STONE COLD FOX. Not only do I love every piece they make I find the two beautiful souls behind the label incredibly inspiring, their style, looks and lifestyle all look pretty perfect to me and Cyd drives my dream car, a late 1970's white Mercedes {I will get my hands on this beautiful car sometime soon}. 

Their clothing is made from beautiful fabrics, and the SCF style doesn't come in and out of fashion, their pieces will be hanging in your wardrobe for the rest of your days. VINTAGE + CLASSIC + FEMININE is what comes to mind when I think of SCF.

SCF sum up their brand by saying: These Californian, beach girls believe in ‘Quality of Quantity” and that good things are worth waiting for. Every piece is locally made in California, only made when its ordered, and packed by the girls behind SCF. Self designed textiles, and pickiness to the exquisite texture of their sand-washed silks, each item is thought out and personal. Keeping the company USA made, not mass marketed and a bit hard to find, the girls love the idea that having a SCF piece is like finding a treasure.

Cydney Morris, the designer and creative marketing director of SCF and Dallas Wand, production manager and collection representative of SCF have an eye for detail and know how to make a girl look and feel feminine. These beauties behind the label have made quite the name for themselves, now also creating SCF bridal and home wares, cannot wait to see what comes next. 

Say hello to STONE COLD FOX.... 


How did you two meet? I love a good best friends story!

We met in indian princesses, it’s a father daughter group, when we were about 6 years old. We grew up together and have been friends for many years. We are pretty much sisters.

How did Stone Cold Fox come about?

After we both graduated college, we took my (Cydney) senior collection from school, and started a blog. We did custom fittings, and personal orders. We did it for fun one summer, and it eventually grew into what it is now.

What’s the story behind the name Stone Cold Fox?

Our dads used to say it in the 70's, means you’re a babe.

Who is your kinda customer?

Shes a confident, fun, girl, who is free spirited, liked to dress up but doesn’t try to hard. She has effortless style, and likes to look sexy but classy at the same time.

Where is home for you and what do you love about where you live?

We live in Venice beach, California. We love it so much. It's fun to bike ride around, go to happy hours, we love the architecture, and having BBQ's at friends houses.

What is the design process like for you? What inspires your collections?

I'm pretty old school. I hand sketch everything. I get real inspired by fabrics, womens bodies, vintage lingerie and things I want to wear myself.

What are your roles do you both design?

No, Cydney is the designer and marketing, and Dallas runs production and the clothing rep/sales.

You are both lovers of travel, what is your dream holiday?

We would love to go to Greece!

Who would you LOVE to see in your clothing?

Kate Bosworth would be rad.

What is your favorite piece that you have made, the one thing you could wear again and again?

The Onyx Gown {Shop the Onyx here} has been around for years, but we still love it and wear it to so many events, we just keep making new colors!

You have created a home wares range and also a bridal line, are there any other areas you want to expand into?

Possibly shoes, but for now we want to expand our home. We have new collaborations with Luv Aj for belts, Beach Riot for our bikinis, and Wonderland Sun for a sunglass style.

Talking of bridal, your wedding dresses are incredible! Do you love being able to make dream dresses for brides all over the world?

Yeah! It's amazing and fun, but there are definitely bride-zillas which is not fun.

All of your pieces are timeless; you want to hold onto them forever. Was this always your intention?

Always! We have never been too trendy, and still have similar style that we had our entire lives it just matures. We also only do two collections a year, and we don’t see the point in buying clothes that you wont want forever!

I love to know about creative peoples homes and workspaces, what is your place and the office like?

Our office is beautiful, it looks pretty industrial from the outside, but inside we have a lot of big white couches and chairs, black wood floors, flowers, white hyde rugs, and refurbished wood with some great art!

What can you both not live without?

Cyd - I cannot live without my pug.

Dallas - I cannot live without my Prada boots.

Staples in your wardrobe?

Prada Loafers, leather pants, trench coat, Stone Cold Fox everything of course, black boots, denim shorts, black blazer, vintage dresses, and white button up blouse.

Who are your favourite designers?

Stella McCartney, Ossie Wright, YSL and Phoebe Philo.

What is currently in your handbag?

Fresh tinted lip balm, iPhone, organic apple, calendar, detox juice, gum, Capris incase of stress, blush, and rose oil.



Heels or flats?


Winter or summer?


Favorite cocktail?

Tequila, lime, agave shaken.

Coffee or tea?


Words to live by?

Try your hardest and you will succeed and make sure to have fun!


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