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L O T T I E  H A L L  |  When I think of Lottie I think of a real life mermaid, she is stunning, drawn to the sea and is incredably talented - her love of the ocean and the underwater world comes through in all of her designs. Lottie specialises in leather, knitwear and unique Batik prints. 

Lottie is living my dream lifestyle, designing and living in Bali and coming back to Melbourne when needed. She is healthy, happy and absolutely lovely. 


Lottie explains her label as:

Lottie Hall the namesake Label Designed by Australian Designer Lottie Hall, is in it's 3rd season - the current range S/S SUMMER 2013, is entitled " SHARKBAIT ".

Staying true to the labels heart and taking her underwater love to the next Level, the range is Inspired by Lottie's favourite child hood book " THE RAINBOW FISH" and all things water and what lies beneath. 

Combining Lottie's signature hand made prints, with new digital print techniques - the label up's the anti on wearable yet creative clothing in perfect deep-sea colours and pastel palettes. 

Inspired by art, water, colour, surf and moods as apposed to trends and fashion. The labels focus is to be creative and unique, yet effortless and wearable.

All prints are designed by hand.

S A Y  H E L L O  T O  L O T T I E  H A L L



Tell us about Lottie Hall the label and about yourself, how did you start designing?

I have been lucky enough to know that it has always been what I have wanted to do!

I studied fashion at RMIT for 2 years before landing a design role for a popular Australian boutique label, which saw me spending time between Bali and Melbourne, and definitely exposed me to life and manufacturing on the tropical island.

After that I landed a head womenswear role for a large fashion group in Melbourne, which after 2 years led me to venturing out on my own.

You spend most of your time in Bali, designing and producing your clothes, is it hard to come and go between Australia and Bali?

It's nice as you really get the best of both worlds.

Bali is amazing but it really is a holiday lifestyle and it can be a juggling act between working and socialising - I swear I am not complaining, it is great! Palm trees, beautiful beaches and summer all year round.

But it's always so lovely to come home to Melbourne and be normal and have all your family and friends and drink water from the tap!

Tell us about your lifestyle in Bali?

Monday to Friday (even Saturday/Sunday) tends to be a lot of emailing and visiting factories, posting samples etc in the day. I will always manage to have a beach run and a yummy breakfast or lunch out between working.

Then we have a really great group of friends here so it's always quite social at night, even if it's a quiet night as it's so in-expensive to eat out, we always find ourselves watching the sunset at the beach then off to a restaurant near by.

Weekends are the best as there are so many day trips we can do, down to the Bukit Peninsula, Lembongan Island, Ubud, or honestly after a hectic weekend I do just love a sun bake by our pool or the beach and a cocktail at night.

For all the Bali lovers, what are you favourite places to hang out in Bali? Food, shopping, swimming, we want to know your picks of the bunch?


Beetlenut Cafe - CANGGU

Taco Local - SEMINYAK



Motel Mexicola - SEMINYAK

Potato Head - SEMINYAK



Nusa Lembongan

Jazri (Candidasa)

Tell us about your latest SUMMER 2013 " S H A R K B A I T " range?

This Collection being summer I really took my love for underwater to the next Level, the range is Inspired by my favourite childhood book " THE RAINBOW FISH " and all things water and what lies beneath. 

You are a genius with prints and leather, do you design the prints yourself? Will this continue to be the focus of your coming ranges?

You are too sweet!

I do design my prints myself. Print and Leather are my favourite details to focus on and I am lucky customers have responded well to this. It's definitely something I will continue to focus on as its something that has really shaped the brand and given it it's own identity.

Tell us about your style, and how you always manage to look so damn good?

****BLUSH*** ha ha I really don't! I'm actually very casual in my personal style, I live in denim, biker jackets and boots at home in Melbourne, but the heat in Bali certainly allows you to be more creative and colourful in what you wear.

So Bali I might wear say a printed skirt or shorts with a basic tee or singlet, I always have to tone it down somehow, I don't like to be too "done up" if that makes sense!

Any major trends you will be leaning towards this coming season?

I am actually loving the animalistic theme coming through and 90's, but I try to steer away from any trends when designing

What are your favourite pieces in your wardrobe at the moment? And what are your favourite pieces that you have designed?

Melbourne - I am obsessed with Leather Biker Jackets, it's really all I wear (obviously with an outfit ;). For my very first collection I designed the BOHDI Patchwork Biker, which is a classic but with patchwork navy/grey/black sleeves, it's simple but with a twist so I wear it all the time.

Bali - I'm all about BIKINI's! I'm obsessed and very proud of my first bikini collection in collaboration with Skye & STAGHORN. It's been a dream of mine to one day do bikini's and my label always been so water inspired, it has seemed too perfect to put this together.

You have one hell of a Tumblr, it’s interesting seeing the inspiration behind your label. What inspires you most whilst designing?

Thank you - the Tumblr is fun! Definetly water which I would imagine is very obvious as you scroll through. Check our Lottie's tumblr here

What has been your career highlight so far? 

Honestly I am very easily pleased. I really got into this as it's what I love doing, so every opportunity I have been offered, every new stockist, collaboration etc is all a highlight!

I feel really lucky I've been able to grow something I love doing - into a business.

What can we expect from Lottie Hall in the next few years? Where do you see your label going?

It's expanding! I'm looking at expanding to more products than just clothes, more collaborations, shows etc but all in good time.

In 5 years time I will be...

Happy, healthy and still doing what I am doing but five years older ;)


INSTAGRAM: @lottiehall


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