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I have a love affair with skulls and hearts so when I stumbled across this beautiful jewellery line I had to share it with you. You will fall in love as I have, say hello to Lucie Ferguson x

Tell us about Baby Anything, how did you get to where you are today designing and selling your creations?

After studying Jewellery and Object design at Uni for four years and not making any jewellery the whole time, instead focusing on furniture I was sure I had picked the wrong degree. However I noticed I could never find the jewellery I wanted to wear myself, large biker rings but in ladies sizes, so I started making them for myself. I started making pieces for my then boyfriend and mates and the demand just took off from there.


What inspires your beautiful work?

Always first and foremost my mum. She was a the ultimate 70’s superbabe and has the raddest collection of clothing and jewellery and has passed her style onto myself and my super rad sister.

I love to know about creative peoples workspaces, what does your studio and home look like?

Ha, a jewellers studio is always a mess. My bench is overflowing with metal off cuts, sandpaper and tools thrown aside to make room for more mess! I am very lucky to have a studio out the back of our house on the Central Coast, so I can see the beach while I work. The studio is seperate from the house, with a loft for sleeping and trees surrounding it for privacy. At the moment because I produce ceramics aswell, most of the wooden floor is covered in drop sheets and coloured glaze. Our house is paradise. I moved home to look after a loved one so I am lucky I get to spend time here, before I moved back I was living in an apartment in redfern, while I cherished being in the thick of the city, nothing beats the beach and the bush. Our house has a mexican/balinese/vegas theme so it’s colour and decoration at every point- we probably have at least 200 skulls in the house!


Tell us about the design process and how you create these delicate and beautiful pieces, from sketching to the finished product?

It’s long and hard and different for every piece. I am more of a 3D person so I will just have a mental picture that I refer to while I am making the piece in metal or carve it in wax. I have so many ideas running through my head at one time sometimes the piece completely changes direction, from what I first imagined, but that is the beauty of the handmade.


What kind of materials do you use?

Precious metals, gold, silver, platinum, precious stones, diamonds and porcelain for my skull pieces.

Who wears Baby Anything, who is your kinda customer?

Everyone.  I have quite a few different themes going on in the collection so I kind of tick everyones box. From the whisper thin Heart rings to the tough prison style skulls, I like that I have a variety of customers. My favourite is that my grandpa rocks the fine Spirit Skull ring on his pinkie finger and tells everyone he meets that his “grand-daughter made it ad is an expert silversmith...”.

The spirit fine skull and the rose gold fine heart rings are my favourite, what are your biggest sellers? What is your favourite to make?

My most popular ring is the Fine Heart ring, which is inspired by a picture of my mum from the 70’s where I can just make out a similar ring she is wearing. My favourite at the moment to make are the custom Keepsake skull rings with diamonds and rubies for eyes I am making for a couples wedding rings.

What is a typical day like for you?

BUSY. I never stop. I am typing these answers at 2:30am!

Which designers are you loving at the moment, what floats your boat?

I am obsessed with Deadly Ponies leathergoods and Lonely Hearts underwear, both NZ labels I like to support smaller labels like myself where you can see true craftsmanship. Highend- I am a true Isabel and Chloe devotee, thats where all my profits go.


Any exciting projects coming up that we can look forward to?

Yes, more pieces all the time, I don’t do seasonal ranges as I like to make the process more organic and hopefully I am off to Europe soon to shoot a new ‘lookbook’ with the amazing team I worked with for the ‘Beautifully cool’ shoot.

What are your favourite blogs, websites, Instagram accounts, magazines?

Blogs... Theyallhateus by my amazing sis, I love Bona Drag’s Instagram - a great aesthetic for a store and I still am a sucker for RUSSH and Monster Children.


What can you not live without?

My mum and my sister, my mates, and the sea.


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Thank you for your time Lucie, cannot wait to see more of your beautiful creations xx