Elle Ferguson | Mega Blogger + Mega Babe


Meet mega blogger and mega babe Elle Ferguson from They All Hate Us. Elle has taken the blogging world by storm with her signature cut off denim shorts, legs for miles, epic hair and style that you cannot resist falling in love with.

Elle started They All Hate Us with best friend Tash Sefton after emailing each other images, clothes, quotes etc that they loved called “afternoon delight”. Their little afternoon delight has now transformed into They All Hate Us, so the rest of the world can swoon over their beautiful and inspiring images. Their international blog is now opening doors for both the girls like there is no tomorrow. They are not only blogging for their own killer site, Elle and Tash have landed the dream gig – a regular spot on vogue.com.au and are now selling their favourite labels on their site. 

I have to admit Elle’s style is flawless in my eyes, I love everything she puts together. For me denim, blazers, oversized t-shirts, boots and an epic handbag is my idea of the perfect outfit.

Elle’s admits to struggling with evening wear, “I feel I need to maybe steer away from the shorts before people start criticising…I mean it’s been four years now!”

“We just wanted an outlet to share our passions and aspirations between each other and the blog has snowballed from that. Our posts are never pre-planned and are always just a burst of our organic thoughts, there to make you feel good and cheer you up on a bad day! We love that our readers trust us and come to us for advice and help, we make sure every email gets a reply!” 

Make sure you (if you are not already) follow the stunning Elle Ferguson on Instagram @elle_ferguson, she has a tiny old following of 106,000 and growing by the second – holy moly. 

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What has been your most memorable moment since starting They All Hate Us? Any surreal moments?

Oh goodness there have been so many… I have to say working and meeting all the amazing people we have through ths journey has been so surreal and also we launched our online store last month and had pretty much the whole shop sold out in 24 hours now that was one of those ‘OH MY GOODNESS’ moments.


Do you have a day job or do you blog full time?

I have an amazing full time job that supports me and my blogging. 


Is fashion blogging as glamorous as it appears?

Ha ha hell no!

What is a typical week like for you?

A typical week…. There isn’t one. One week I can be shooting at the crack of dawn under the Sydney harbor bridge, picking stock for our shop, up a ladder in a window… 4am at the organic grocers seriously there is no typical week for me other that a weekly spray tan! 

You have a massive following online thanks to your incredible styling, can you tell us about your style and what is it that make girls go crazy for your blog and Instagram account?

I have to say I have always stayed true to myself… I LOVE shorts so I always wear shorts or simply what I love. I think this resonates with a lot of girls just to be happy and confident. Also my mum is absolutely flawless so I learn from the best


Where is home for you? What is it that you love about where you live?

I have my own place in Bondi Beach and my mum lives on the beach at Terrigal… Home for me is where my family is and the ocean. I need the beach!


We love that you now have your favourite pieces on your site to purchase, how did this come about?

This came about when Tash and I had SO many people asking us where to buy what we were wearing… We took the middle man out and now you can buy our top 10 picks each month… Pretty much all you need in one place. perfection.

{ Visit the They All Hate Us shop here | Warning you will want to buy everything }

Talk us through your role at Vogue Spy Style, it must have been an amazing feeling landing that gig!

Now that is one of those surreal moments… It's also great because the shoots we do are true to our style and what we love.


Any exciting collaborations we can look forward to?


We just can spill at the moment but stay tuned....

{Images below sourced from modelcocosmetics.com}


Who do you draw inspiration from? Who are your style icons and muses?

My mum without a doubt… and I have to say street style it's wearable and achievable I love that.

What are you favourite blogs, magazines, labels, Instagram accounts?

Oooh ok well I have to say They All Hate Us, Baby Anything {Check out our interview with Baby Anything right here}, Tash Sefton… and I think im following about another 300 acccounts that I LOVE!


What are 5 things you cannot live without?

My mum
My sister
Denim shorts
Spray tan
Black blazer
Ankle boots

Ok I cant just have five...

Staples in your wardrobe?

Denim shorts
 Black blazer
 Black ankle boots
 Amazing hand bag

Words to live by….

Treat people the way you want to be treated.. Always smile it cant be that bad... Dress for the job you want not the job you have.






Images sourced from They All Hate Us