Morgan Connoley | Illustrator

I have a little obsession with skull artwork, well little maybe a M A S S I V E obsession if you ask my loved ones. I stumbled across Morgan's work a while back when a friend of mine purchased one of her pieces, forever more I have been a loyal fan. Morgan is a gorgeous girl from Victoria, who I cannot wait to see more from! 

E N J O Y 

We want to know how you got to where you are? How did you get into illustrating?

I was always a ‘drawer’, even as a child. My sister and I used to sticky tape A4 sheets of paper together and draw massive elaborate houses – each sheet was a room. I think it all stemmed from there! Since then I have studied art at school, through private tuition and finally a Bachelor of Visual arts at University. Today I work as a professional designer and artist.


What inspires your work?

I always get asked this question and I never know how to answer it properly.  I am inspired by lots of things and my inspiration usually comes at inappropriate times… Like when I’m trying to sleep, whilst in the shower and when I am at work are the times that I’m usually having a ‘light bulb’ moment.

I read LOTS. Online, magazines and books provide a huge amount of inspiration. I have subscriptions to magazines and I am hunting online daily for fresh inspiration. I think awareness of what’s ‘out there’ is vital.


Any exciting projects you are currently working on that we can look forward to?

I am currently in the midst of organizing the inaugural exhibition for the Geelong Illustrators Collective. Geelong Illustrators is the brainchild of Jenna Ramondo, Laura Alice and myself - whose love of inky, story-telling pictures and dreams of a collaborative community unfurled into this fledgling project. The idea came with the realization that Geelong had a strong group of amazing illustrative artists whose talent remained untapped. The exhibition opens May 31 at Meraki Gallery Courthouse ARTS Geelong and runs for 2 weeks.


What are you biggest sellers?

‘Colour & Skulls Part 4’ has been a huge seller, so has ‘Flower Power’ and my neon skulls range. I released a new print titled ‘Pineapple’ last week which has been really well received so far!


You are in the running for the YEN MAGAZINE Female Art Awards, it must be so exciting to be recognized for your work?

Absolutely – we live in an age where it is somewhat easier to ‘push’ your work out in the digital world.  Winning something like the Female Art Award is an absolute dream of mine.


Do you have any exhibitions coming up?

Geelong Illustrators Collective exhibition titled ‘The night has a thousand eyes’ opens in 3 weeks!


A little more on the personal side:

What can you not live without?

My Mac. Severe separation anxiety without my laptop. Sad, but true.

Where are you based?

Ocean Grove Victoria


What is a typical day like for you?

A week day: 6:45 Alarm, shot of chlorophyll, organic weetbix, red lipstick, email, fresh juice, a 20 minute drive to the office, coffee, design, tea, sushi, design, email, print illustrations, frame illustrations, dinner, draw, email, bed, instagram, sleep!

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 6.39.26 PM.png

Do you illustrate full time or do you have a day job as well?

I am a full time designer for a boutique graphic design firm in Geelong.


I love to know about creative peoples homes and spaces, what is your home like and where do you do most of your drawing?

My partner, Ryan and I are currently in the process of designing/building a new house. We have just finished our plans with our draftsman and we will be building a warehouse style place with a mezzanine studio for my work – I’m so excited! Currently I have a beautiful little studio downstairs with a view of the sand dunes and the sound of repetitive, crashing waves – I’m very fortunate to live where I live.


What’s next for the amazingly talented Morgan Connoley

Once the first GI exhibition has closed we will be putting out a call out for another round of artists to exhibit so that will keep me busy for a while. I’m just riding the wave at the moment – happy to see where my work takes me.

Words to live by?

Work hard, stay humble.

Where can we purchase your lovely work from?

Two ways  or 


Jump over to Instagram to follow this lovely human @colour_and_skulls

Thank you for your time Morgan, I adore your work and cannot wait to see more of your beautiful creations x 

Another one of my talented friends has started an online store - Little Bungalow stocks Morgan Connoley's work, check it out and grab yourself some goodness!