Tell us about how this space came to fruition. Where did you find inspiration? 

We are renovating our whole house at the moment and it’s a race to get it finished before the baby arrives so this room was actually one of the first to be 100% finished - it allowed me to start from scratch and put new floors in, walls etc and have a completely blank canvas. I wanted the room to be an extension of the styling of our whole house but just with a baby vibe. Our incredible builder who is working on our house made the drawers from Victorian Ash and also the day bed. My husband and I made the cot, he did the structure and I made the little tiles with artwork on them to put on the ends. I love mis-matched textiles and prints so everything is clashing a little. I also have an art shop Peppa Hart so most of the art in the room is from our store. 

What brands feature in the room (top 5 things):

+ Peppa Hart prints of course…
+ Kip and Co
+ Urban Outfitters
+ Pony Rider
+ I know it’s not a brand but I have ordered so many things through Etsy, it’s full of beautiful unique handmade treasures. 

Why do you think it is so important to parents to create a dedicated space for their newborns? 

I wanted to feel really relaxed and happy to spend time in the space, hence the day-bed, I can get comfy and have a cup of tea whilst breastfeeding and there is the most beautiful natural light and breeze that comes through this room, it’s so peaceful. I think it’s so important to have a place where you can feel completely comfortable and really spend quality time bonding with this brand new little person. I think it’s also important to have a space that can grow with the child, I didn't want it to feel too baby and then in 12 months want to change the entire room again. I feel like the pieces we have in here will be able to grown with the child and we can just change the bed out to be a bigger bed as they get older. Once we find out the sex of our baby we will add a few more things to the space which are more gender dependant, not knowing if it’s a boy or girl has meant we have kept everything pretty neutral for now. 

How would you describe the style of the room?

I would describe the room as eclectic, it’s definitely very “us” - it just feels like the rest of our house but is filled with teenie tiny clothes and toys. Everything in here has a little story behind it, whether it’s pieces we have made ourselves or trinkets we have collected while travelling or beautiful gifts our loved ones have given us - everything feels so special and the room is filled with so much love already. 

What are your favourite pieces?

The cot and the drawers - the cot because we poured so much love into making it and the drawers because they are so beautiful and practical. We have a hanging bassinet in our bedroom (baby will sleep in there for the first few months) which I ordered from a beautiful group of ladies in Central America who hand make all the bassinets - it’s probably my most favourite purchase, cannot wait to see our little baby sleeping in there. 

What advice would you give to parents when creating a similar space?

Don’t feel like you have to do a traditional “baby room” if you have a style you love for the rest of the house just carry it through to the baby room as well. And don’t completely renovate your house up until your due date - tradies galore at the house heading into my final week of pregnancy has been a little chaotic, but will be all worth it in the end. 

How has the space evolved during your pregnancy? Have you changed your ideas? 

Because of the renovations we only just finished the space about 10 days before I am due, definitely down to the wire. I knew I wanted a custom cot, drawers and day bed the whole time but was just deciding on the styling pieces over the last month, I picked up bits and pieces that I loved from all my favourite homewares shops as I saw them. My mother, mother in law, husband and I all loving creating things - so I love that all of us have hand made things for the room, it definitely makes it feel so special and unique to us. 

What is the most functional/practical aspect of the room?

The drawers store so much - they are super deep so enough room to store all the clothes, nappies and wraps. I also think the day bed is going to be so practical for feeding. I will be able to get as comfy as possible on there for the many feeds ahead. 

If you had an unlimited budget, what else would you do/add to the room?

I would maybe do a neon light installation that we had planned to do earlier but just ran out of time - we can maybe add this in down the track. Apart from that I am so happy with it, I don’t think I would change much else.