I have recently completed a juice cleanse and felt on top of the world afterwards!

To help you feel the same, the lovely gals from Sol Cleanse are offering Peppa Hart readers 20% off your next juice cleanse, all you need to do is enter the codeword Peppa Hart when you check out. 

If this is your first time or you want to know more I have asked the gorgeous Miriam from Sol Cleanse to answer a few questions for you to help you understand the reasons for cleansing and some ways to live a healthy life. The Sol Cleanse website is also full of useful information to help you decide if it's the best thing for you as well, you can find their site at

I personally have done a 3 day cleanse and a 1 day cleanse - the 3 day cleanse was after my honeymoon, I definitely needed it, so much over indulging. My skin was completely glowing afterwards and my head felt clear. I must warn you though it you are a little coffee addict like myself the second day you will have a headache but by the end of the third day your coffee addiction will be kicked and your beautiful body will LOVE you for it. 

I am not going to lie, towards the end of the second day it was quite difficult, but make sure you stick to it and it will all be worth it at the end, I promise. 


Tell us about your business Sol Cleanse and how it came about?

Juice cleansing is an ancient practice to detoxify, rejuvenate and raise your vibration. Sol Cleanse brings this practice into the modern day by doing the juicing for you! Sol Cleanse provides people with home-delivered Juice cleanses - prepared with love. You can choose from 1, 3, or 5 day cleanses and choose a level that suits you. We have a holistic approach and you are supported on your journey with daily emails and other little treats. Our mission is to inspire people to live their best life. 

We met each other studying Massage, and were always excited about putting together something that was holistic, and helped people to reconnect to themselves, get healthy and happy, and live what you love! SolCleanse was an evolution of all the different wellness experiences and loves that we both have.

You are trying to inspire people to live a healthy life, what are some key things we can start to do in our daily lives to become healthier?

1. Start your day with lemon juice in warm water. This is a great way to freshen up your system and alkalise your body.

2. Do yoga! Period. It is the most amazing, complete form of exercise that does much much more than just make you flexible!

3. Find an exercise that you love doing so it is a joy, not a chore.

4. Find a meditation that works for you - try out different methods, it doesn't have to just be sitting still trying to still your mind - gaze at the sunrise, the ocean, or a flame; walk on the beach being conscious of your breath; breath in white light and breath out all your stress and worries...

5. Do something everyday that is just for fun.

What is a typical day like for you? How do you live a healthy life?

There isn't really a typical day in my life, every day is different. But some things I try to follow every day is starting with warm water and lemon, followed by some form of exercise, a short meditation then a swim at the beach. A breakfast with plenty of protein (eggs, smoothie with brown rice protein powder, buckwheat pancakes...).

Every day is different, but something that works for me is trying to eat proteins such as nuts and seeds to keep my blood sugar levels balanced (so my mood and energy levels are balanced), which keeps away sugar cravings. I try to make sure I do something in the fresh air, preferably by the ocean after I have spent time on the computer to clear away the energy. Where possible I try to eat a light dinner.

When is a good time to start doing a cleanse?

Anytime! :) Most people know when they need to do a cleanse. And if you are not getting messages from your body about what it needs, you probably need a cleanse too, so you can re-establish your relationship with your body.  

How does it work?

The power of juice cleanses comes from 3 things:

1. Your body puts a lot of it's energy into digestion. Giving your body a break from digestion means it can put all it's energy into repairing and rejuvenating. This is especially noticeable when you wake up in the morning. While we are sleeping your body should be repairing and rejuvenating your body, but when we eat big meals at night it puts more energy into digesting than recovery, so we wake up in the morning feeling groggy. You will notice when you do your cleanse that by the 3rd day you bounce out of bed in the morning feeling amazing.

2. We are constantly taking on toxins. The body is designed to remove toxins from the body, but when it gets overloaded it stores toxins throughout the body (predominantly in fat cells). By giving your body a break from toxins, it is able to start ridding the body of stored toxins. Because these toxins are entering your bloodstream on your way out it can lead to those "detox" symptoms such as headaches... but imagine how much worse they can do if they stay in your body!!! 

3. Whilst your body is getting a break from toxins and digestion, it is also getting flooded with a plethora of easily assimilated nutrients to help you become vital and vibrant.

How do we know which cleanse is best for our bodies?

There is advice on our website here for the level of cleanse you should do for your lifestyle. Basically, if you have never cleansed before, we have an easier cleanse to allow your body to get used to the detoxing process. There is a middle level for people who live reasonably healthy lives, then a higher level for people who have cleansed before and are up for a challenge!

What are the flavours like?

We are in love with our juices - and the feedback we get from our clients always blows our mind. Our juices are predominantly vegetable juices, with a fruit base (primarily green apples). It might sound scary to some people to have things like broccoli in their juices, but when they taste it they are always surprised by how delicious it is!

What kind of diet do you encourage following a cleanse?

Obviously you will get the most benefits from your cleanse if you lead into and out of your cleanse with a "clean" diet. You are given some suggestions on our website here about what to eat leading into and out of your cleanse.

Any amazing recipes you would like to share?

Here is a delicious treat we stumbled on the other day:

Blend together 1 banana and 1/2 Tbsp coconut oil. Put in a small bowl or cup. Mix together 1/2 Tbsp coconut oil, 1Tbsp Cacao and 1 tsp honey. Pour over banana mix then put in feezer until choc top goes hard. Grab your spoon, crack into the chocolate and enjoy!!

Words to live by?

"Where attention goes, energy flows"... this is such a great reminder to focus on the positive, and spend time enjoying yourself so you get more of the good things flowing to you!

The gals have an Instagram account packed with beautiful images to inspire a healthy and happy life, follow them @SolCleanse + visit to order yours x


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