To say thank you for your ongoing support of peppahart.com I have teamed up with the lovely people at Emetheni to offer you a treatment your skin will LOVE you for.

It’s a full face medical grade microdermabrasion and Rationale peel combo for $99 (hello bargain). Make sure you mention Peppa Hart when booking with the team, you can contact them on 07 5576 0285, the clinic is located at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast. 

Emetheni isn’t your usual run of the mill beauty salon, they are a cosmetic medicine and anti-ageing clinic, they are experts and know exactly what they are talking about. Emetheni can offer you anything from a skin consultation through to skin cancer treatments.

I was a beauty therapist when I finished school for a few years, my love for my skin and to make sure I always take good care of it has been a major focus for me and something everyone should do. PLEASE wear sunblock everyday, it will save you in your 40’s I promise.

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Suitable for all skin types a micro peel will leave your skin looking: smoother, firmer, hydrated and more rejuvenated. There is also a visible reduction in fine facial lines, pore size and discoloration of the skin.

A micro peel combo involves: crystals being rubbed against the skin with a vacuum like suction, removing dead skin cells. An acid peel is then applied which is made of either plant based or milk protein based, for example - lactic acids. Emetheni’s medical grade peels are gentle enough for all skin types and are administered by dermal therapists.

During a peel you will feel a slight tingling sensation and some warmth. During this time, the acid is penetrating the skin cells of the surface of your skin as well as activating enzymes within the skin, which stimulate cellular turnover. Acids also reduce pore size which eliminates congestion in the pores as well as the reduction of acne for acne prone skin. Each treatment will be tailored to meet the individual needs of the incredible Peppa Hart readers.

A microdermabrasion and peel combo is the perfect way to ensure an even and thorough treatment of your skin. There is no down time making it the perfect treatment for brides to be or anyone who has a major event coming up. It leaves your skin luminous and photo ready. I recently had this treatment before a friends wedding on the Monday and by Friday my skin was feeling brand new.