My New Roots - Healthy Living

Healthy food is delicious! So many people have the idea in their minds that healthy food means boring + plain but it's far from the truth. After an extremely indulgent month of eating and drinking our way around Bali for our wedding and honeymoon I am in need of a health kick and I need to get back to my healthy ways before my body and I fall out of love. 

My New Roots will help anyone get back to their healthy ways! It is packed to the brim with recipes that will change you mind about what "healthy food" should taste like.

Sara from My New Roots explains her blog as the following:
Since October 2007, My New Roots has been the place for me to share the edible inspirations from my playtime in the kitchen, and my deep love for whole foods. The recipes and ideas you’ll find here revolve around my plant-based way of eating, and I hope that through the simple and delicious dishes I create, you too will discover a whole new world of flavour and nourishment.

My husband makes her famous bread recipe pretty regularly, Sara calls it the bread that will change your life and it ACTUALLY is, I have never tasted something so amazing which is so simple to make. Grab the bread recipe here, I guarantee you will be as addicted as us.  

Save to your favourites as soon as you can, it will save the hours you spend a week pondering what to cook for dinner....