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Style icon, gorgeous human and all round amazing girl  L I N D Y  K L I M 

This interview has made me incredibly happy, Lindy is one stylish woman who I absolutely adore. I adore her for many reasons, she is a strong and smart business woman running Milk & Co, she is an incredible mother to three kiddies, wife to Michael Klim, Balinese Princess and she always manages to look so damn good while doing it all!

Lindy is living my dream, my big goal is to be able to live in Bali most of the year and come back and forward to Australia for work and family. This is exactly what Lindy and her husband are doing, their kiddies are based in Bali but both Lindy and Michael travel back and forward for work and little old events like Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. 

Lindy is one cool mum and she has one hell of an Instagram account, follow her @lindyklim for updates. Her personality and the love for her family shines through in all her photos.

I am sure you will fall in love with Lindy as I have…. 

Tell us how you juggle so many hats, successful business woman, mother to three of the cutest kids I have ever laid eyes on, wife to Michael Klim and you are a Balinese princess?

That is very kind of you to say! I do however have my moments (like everybody) where I feel like I am going to explode. For me it is all about balance and I also like to be busy, it has always been part of my personality…I actually can't sit still!

Your children look like they are living the dream in Bali, can you tell us a little about your beautiful family and your life in Bali? Is it hard to come and go between the shores of Australia and Bali?

We decided to move to Bali purely as a lifestyle choice. Also as our business Milk & Co is growing it is easier for us to juggle having the children settled and in a routine from Bali (we have lots of family and help over there).  I also feel that it is an amazing opportunity for the children whilst they are young and to be able experience a different culture. To be honest, it is actually the best decision I have ever made (but yes, I am sick and tired of Denpasar airport)!

Tell us about your business Milk & Co and how it came about?

Well - when MK finished swimming he had very dry skin and couldn't find anything that actually worked! We did some research and found that there was a real niche in the market for a men's skincare range that was premium yet accessible or 'massitge' as we call it. After launching Milk by Michael Klim, I had Stella who was almost two and was pregnant with Rocco my second child, and there was nothing that I felt comfortable using on my young children's sensitive skin. The packaging was there so I created Milk Baby - a natural skincare and gifting range for babies and kids. Since then the Milk range has grown to included nutritionally balanced products, my skincare range (Milk by Lindy Klim), a travel, hotel and amenities ranges and also a soon to be launched apparel range. 

Your latest campaign for Milk & Co features your gorgeous family, it must have been so fun shooting all together or was it complete chaos with the kids?

Well it could have been but we actually flew over our favourite photographer, Ben Sullivan and stylist Tre Dallas (who are both amazing with the kids) to Bali. As it was a lifestyle shoot nothing was planned, the kids felt relaxed and Ben just kept shooting as we got on with our day. This is why there is sometimes some chaos in the pics but it was important for us to have that ‘real’ organic feel. This is who we are. I like things not too look too perfect anyway!

What has been your career highlight?

Just recently I have been nominated for the InStyle Women of Style awards, it is a huge honour and definitely something I will hold close to my heart for many years to come!

We hear you are bringing out a range of clothing SundayLuxe, can you give us any hints as to what will be in the range?

Yes! The clothing range will now just be called Sunday and it is a sport luxe apparel range featuring mix and match dressing, easy to wear for sport or to coffee with friends.

You recently attended Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Sydney what was the standout show for you? Any major trends you will be leaning towards this coming season?

Definitely! Ellery is one of my favourite designers I wear most of her pieces daily. Toni Maticevski was also absolutely amazing, his pieces where definitely a standout. I hope to be wearing something of his very soon at a big event...

You offer some great fashion advice on your blog. Tell us about your style, and how you always manage to look so good?

Oh thanks so much, you are too kind! To be honest as I get older I am more sure of myself and know exactly what I do and don't like. I don’t often follow fashion trends and I do tend to stick to a certain look. In saying that I do like to have a bit of fun with fashion, there is no point being too serious in life with anything, I say!

What are your favourite pieces in your wardrobe?

In Bali it would have to be my denim shorts and a $10 dress off the beach! When I am here in Australia it's definitely denim jeans, I have a collection of millions ranging from Nobody Denim, Ksubi, J Brand and Acne and I am also addicted to black blazers. A girl can never have too many white and black t’shirts.

Can you tell us about your beauty regime and what you cannot live without?

I am very low maintenance and I don't even own a hair brush! I have just developed a woman's range of Skincare products that I cannot live without! I am also obsessed with organic coconut oil I drink it and put it all over my skin, like Micahel I also suffer from dry skin and I find that this is the only thing that works! 

Where do you see your business Milk & Co and blog going in the future?

Well I really need to focus more on my blogging as I have been a little slack of late!  In saying that I have just made some exciting new changes and have posted a huge amount of pics so make sure you take a look.

In regards to Milk & Co I would love to see us as a house hold name and the go to products for young families. We are constantly growing and export to us is a major part of our business so you will start to see our name pop up all over the world! 

In 5 years time I will be……..

I have no idea! I am not really a planner I like to just take things as they come. I enjoy living my life like this as I don't have to many expectations and hope to enjoy life's little surprises. 

Thank you Lindy Klim for your time, you are extremely inspiring x


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This video is from Lindy's blog.... I love it, car ide sing-a-longs with her loved ones.