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I have a little obsession with beauty products, I was a beauty therapist for a few years after I finished high school, the industry wasn't for me and I headed off to Uni to study what I do now for a job, communications and media. 

But it has instilled a love for all things skincare, makeup and nail polish! It's normal to have 30 shades of coral nail polish isn't it?

I am going to give you the low down on products that I love, some are just everyday products that you could possibly have in your cupboard right now.

Let's start with F A C E

Skincare products I currently use and love:

Kiehl's Pineapple Papaya Facial Scrub | I only use this once or twice a week for a deeper cleanse
Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment | This one is best for day and if you mix some concealer with it, stops all those nasty wrinkles you can get when your concealer sticks to your smile lines
Kierhl's Midnight Recovery Eye Treatment | Does all the hard work for you while you are sleeping and dreaming the night away
Garnier 3 in 1 daily exfoliant | I often get congested blackheads on my chin, this little scrub helps keep on top of the congestion and is mild enough to use everyday. Your skin will feel squeaky clean afterwards
Kissable Lips from Mecca | Yummy little lip treatment to give you the ultimate kissable lips, it has small beads in it that start dissolving once you rub it into your lips, exfoliates any dry skin away and leaves your lips silky smooth
REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask | This mask is beautiful, I have super sensitive skin but this mask softly gets rid of all the dead skin and clears out those blocked pores with the natural fruit acids 
Trilogy Rose Hip Oil With Antioxidants | If you ever feel a little dry or deydrated this miracle serum it super hydrating without being gross and greasy. Perfect for the winter months
Sudocrem, YEP SUDOCREM | Sudocrem you say, isn't that for baby's bottoms? Well yes it is but it's my favourite face cream, and trust me I have tried so many. I use to suffer from breakouts and I started using this on my face in the areas I would break out. It's full of zinc and helps to heal those nasty breakouts and the best part is you can get your hands on a huge tub for around $20

M A K E  U P 

My make-up bag essentials:

Laura Mercier Foundation | Hands down the best foundation, it's coverage is perfect without feeling to heavy
NARS Illuminating Cream | If you want extra dewey/glowing skin, this little tube of goodness will help you have the glow. Simply pop some on before you apply your foundation and you will "SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND"
Too Faced Concealer | Another gem, mix this with the Kiehl's avo eye treatment daily for a creamy coverage under your eyes + Tip always go lighter with your concealer! 
Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick | This brick will save you in any situation, if you are at work and you need to head out for dinner and you don't have anything with you, this brick will get you ready in a flash. I mainly just use it as an all over shimmer, but you can use it as an eyeshadow, contour, highlighter, put it on your lips with some gloss on top and you have a new lipstick. It's also perfect for highlighting your chest
Smashbox Bronzer |
I only use this for night time as it's a little darker, it's perfect if you have dry skin like me
Mac Bronze EyeShadow | I have blue eyes and personally think that bronze colours are the best for blue. So I normally stick to this colour palette. I take this all the way around my eye line instead of using eyeliner
NARS Duo EyeShadow |
This one is my all over colour that I wear to work everyday, NARS eyeshadow's have a high colour pigment, they go on so easily and the colour lasts and lasts. For my everyday all over colour I swap between Mac and NARS pretty regularly or just combine them all together
NARS Lip Laquer - Chelsea Girls |
The BEST lipgloss going round, it's in a tub and is a lacquer consistancy. It's the only lip gloss that I continue to buy. It's the perfect colour for day or night, for night time I wear the Napolean Hess lipstick underneath
NARS Lip Liner - Fantasia |
I always thought lip liner was for when you get older, but I tried using it a few years back and it seriously makes the world of difference. I only use a colour that isn't to much darker than my own lip colour but it just frames your lips and makes them look fuller
Smashbox Mascara |
I swap and change mascara between this one and the Nasty Gal from Benefits, they are both amazing if you like big full lashes
Korres Natural Soft Eyeliner |
This little gem will open your eyes and help brighten your eye colour, you put it on like eyeliner on your bottom lids and BAM your eyes look fresh and open! Lara Bingle is a huge white eye liner lover
A kick ass brush set |
No point spending up big on all this beautiful makeup if you don't have a killer brush set, Mac, Mecca and Napolean are all my favourite brushes. Even if you just have the bare essentials, like a base colour eyeshadow brush, foundation brush and powder brush you will already see a massive difference. You can normally get some pretty good deals on eBay for Mac Brushes, just make sure they are sable hair and the real deal, if they are $5 for a million brushes, chances are they are straight from China and you may as well just use your trusty index finger 


Body loving:

Aesop Hand Cream | I suffer from really dry hands, it's unfortunately hereditary, my nanna suffered from it, so I am constantly applying hand cream. The best one I have come across is the Aesop Intensive Balm, it smells so damn good and it works a treat.
Dry Body Brush | This little guy will get your skin jumping in the morning, you brush up towards your heart from all your limbs and it gives your skin a little kick start. Helps to get red of dead skin and keeps to cells rejuvenating. I picked up mine from Mrs Flannery's, head to any health food shop and ask for a dry body brush. 
Organic Coconut Oil Any Brand | Yes this is the oil you cook with but it is also one hell of a body cream, your skin will soak this stuff up in no time at all and it does not leave you feeling greasy. You can also use is as a hair treatment, pop it in the ends of your hair and leave it over night to soak in and wash it out in the morning. Make sure you ask for cold pressed and make sure it's organic, I purchase mine from Mrs Flannery's.
Sorbelene Cream | As I mentioned I have super sensitive skin, so I always lean towards pretty safe products that I know my skin won't react to, trusty old Sorbelene has been my best friend for years, I use it every morning and coconut oil every night.

HOME MADE BODY SCRUB | Delicious, cheap and easy to make! All you need is a glass jar and combine the following ingredients: 
2/3 cup sea salt
1 cup organic cane sugar
1/2 cup organic coconut oil
2-3 tablespoons almond oil
1 tablespoon vitamin E
Vanilla essential oil (or any essential oil that floats your boat)
Once it's all combined in a mixing bowl and at a nice consistency, pop it into a glass jar with a lid and take it in the shower with you. Have a super hot, steamy shower (kinda like a mini sauna) and scrub your body all over from your neck to your toes. Let it soak in for a little while and then rinse it off. It will leave your skin feeling like new again. 

HOME MADE HAND TREATMENT | Want hands smooth as a baby's bottom from the comfort of your couch, well listen up, all you will need is the following:
6 tablespoons of olive oil or coconut oil
2 drops of tea-tree oil
6 drops of lavender oil
1 banana
½ cup of cane sugar or if you have rock salt it also works but is a little coarser
Blend all together and then rub into your hands thoroughly and then pop on some rubber gloves (ones you can throw out afterwards). Sit and watch your favourite show on TV for 30 minutes, rinse under warm water and pop on the Aesop hand balm. Your hands will LOVE you. Also if you can put some super hot water onto a hand towel and wrap it around your hands once the gloves are on it will help the oils soak in nice and deep.

Treat yourself this weekend with a little pamper session! There are so many great recipes online for DIY skincare.


COLOUR, COLOUR and MORE COLOUR | I love having my nails painted, short filled nails though. Not a fan of long nails on me with bold colours, so I keep them nice and short. Kit has an amazing selection of colours, all my favourites are from there. Coral, black, white, neon pink are on high rotation. 
It's a Pushover | Cuticle remover, I use this every few weeks with cuticle trimmers just to keep my nails looking tidy.
Kit Nail Files | Always need to have a nail file handy, these little guys are very happy living in my handbag.
Nail Strips | Saves you struggling to paint your nails neatly and spending forever going around the edges with cotton buds soaked in nail polish remover, these beauties just stick to your nail and hey presto you have amazing nail art. You can buy them from all kinds of places now, Kit and Priceline seem to have the best ones.   
Nail Polish Remover |
I try and use an acetone free nail polish remover to save your nails.
New Gel Home Kit |
Does your nail polish chip the day your put it on? I know mine does and it drives me insane, I tried getting permanent gel nail polish done but I just kept not being able to keep my appointments, too much work on at the moment. So this god send of a gel nail kit (check out the cool video below), lets you have permanent nail polish from the comfort of your home, no more waisting your precious Saturday mornings at a salon, spend it with your love ones doing fun stuff! It's easy buff your nails, apply the gel nail polish and bake under the little blue light, and look how cute it is, plugs straight into your laptop. 


I am not a huge sun baker, worried about sun damage and freckles so I usually apply a little fake tan to help keep some colour in my skin. PLEASE make sure you thoroughly scrub with exfoliating gloves the day of your tan and add a little Sorbelene cream to your elbows, ankles and knees before applying to avoid dark spots where your skin is a little dryer. Once you have tanned up keep the moisturiser levels up in your skin, morning and night so your tan will last longer. 

Ella Bache Great Face Without SUN | The best face tan, it's not as heavy as the body tan so your face can breathe while it works it's magic, I don't use this one as regularly, more just if I have something special on that I want to look extra brown for. Unfortunately my new little Dalmatian puppy had a chew on this recently so need to re-stock it, naughty pooch
Ella Bache Great Tan Without SUN | This is my favourite all over body tan, it's a lovely colour and will not leave your looking like a crazed orange woman. It's the best for my skin as it's the lotion, nice and hydrating! 
St Tropez Lotion | Again this one is also a beautiful colour and hydrating like Ella Bache but it's a little on the pricey side
Sportsgirl Bronzing Moisturiser | If you don't have time to tan or if you don't like the thought of fake tan, lots of people don't, then the next best thing is the Sportsgirl moisturising bronzer. It has been around for years and it's still the best. Simply rub it on as your about to head out for an instant glow, be careful though if you are wearing white! Best part is, it just washes off, no nasty streaks
Salon Tan | If I have some extra special on, like a wedding or big work event I get a spray tan and I always go with St Tropez, it's such a natural colour. If you are on the Gold Coast head to Gorgous Skin Retreat at Chrin Park (website here)

W H E R E  T O  P U R C H A S E


Mecca | meccacosmetica.com.au

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Ella Bache | ellabache.com.au

Aesop | aesop.com/au

Kiehl's | kiehls.com.au

Priceline | priceline.com.au

David Jones | shop.davidjones.com.au

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Mrs Flannery's | flannerys.com.au

Would love to know what your favourite products are, what can you not live without?

Pop it in the comments section below.... Hope you found this post helpful and if you have any questions at all, feel free to ask away.

L O V E x