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I am a huge fan of the Wellness Warrior, lot's of inspiring goodness and ways to make changes to your world so that you can live a big, beautiful and healthy life.
Jess from the Wellness Warrior is the real deal, you can read more about her incredible journey here.  

I just received this in my inbox, I thought I would share it with you as it may be the little kick you need to start making some small changes in your world to make it the very best you can. 



From popping pills, to taking herbs. From super-sized Sunday morning recovery breakfasts, to homemade granola with dandelion tea. From drunken mess, to being drunk on life and love…

These aren’t just preventative measures to ensure we live a healthy life. Call me crazy, but this is my new idea of fun. Healing is a freakin’ art of living! This is where the fun stuff happens. The spiritual stuff. The synchronistic stuff. The stuff that makes you take pause and notice that the world around you is different now, somehow. Brighter, more beautiful, better.

This is about putting your Self Diggin’ Practice into physical motion. It’s your ticket to ride the rollercoaster of wholesome self-centredness.

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{Image - Bali March 2013 | A perfect day at the spa surrounded by the bestest of friends being pampered before my wedding}