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J E N N A  A G I U S

So this post is all about a lovely little lady called Jenna Agius, I met Jenna through a mutual friend Lori and fell in LOVE with the photos Jenna takes as soon as I laid eyes on them. I usually find kids photo-shoots a little awkward, kids in pumpkins seems strange to me. Jenna captures kids being kids, they are having fun and just being as perfect and carefree as they should be.

I have been watching every photo Jenna posts on Instagram and falling instantly in love, thanks to Jenna she is making me super clucky! I loved her work so much I wanted to share it with you here on Peppa Hart, pretty sure you will be running off to book her quicker than you can say why did I put my baby in a pumpkin!

Not only is Jenna incredibly talented, she is also one of the most sweetest people you will ever meet. We had a quick catch up with the gorgeous Jenna about her work, everyone say HEY to Jenna Agius, photographer genius x

Tell us about yourself and how you got into photography?

I'm 26 & a single mum to a crazy, beautiful 3 year old boy Ollie. 

We live together in Currumbin. 

I originally studied Photography for 2 years at the Australian International College of Art (AICA) in 06 and 07. I just loved taking photos so decided I wanted to learn more. By the time I had completed the 2 year course I actually didn't want anything to do with my camera. I guess a few years went by, I had a baby and then that's what really got me back into it; I found the love again and my camera slowly started coming with me everywhere. 

What is it that you love about photography?

Memories! I just love looking through old albums from when I was young and it truly brings back treasured memories. I want to be able to give that to Ollie and other people too.

People always say don't work with kids and animals.. Is this true? How hard is it to snap these darling little guys?

Haha.... I recently did a shoot which had both a child and an animal! It was a little testing and hard to get them both doing what I wanted.

To be honest, the children I photograph rarely do as I ask anyway, I think that's why the photos come out so 'natural' looking. It's because the kids are doing whatever they want to be doing. 

I love photographing children over adults as kid's just don't care that I am there with a camera in their face, they are just having a good time and I simply snap away hoping to capture their cuteness. I get super awkward with telling adults what to do too!

Any exciting projects we can look forward to that you can tell us about?

Everything I am doing with Elke Mag is pretty exciting. I've also recently had the opportunity to work with a few big companies, photoshoots will be out soon. Stay tuned....

{Elke Mag is a mega cool online magazine for mummas, but cool mummas, check it out at elkemagazine.com, Jenna is the creative Director - I don't even have kids and I love the site}

If people want to book your services, how can they do it?

Either through Facebook Jenna Agius Photography
Or my email jennaagius@gmail.com
My website is cargocollective.com/jennaagius
Instagram @jennaagius