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This darling mother to Milla and Archie, wife to Nick Maxwell and one stylish human has a stunning blog

Erin describes her blog as destination for fashion lovers to come and be inspired through an eclectic collection of fashion pieces personally sourced through the eyes of its creator. Love Shop Share was created in late 2011 as a creative way to present her personal style to an audience and inspire through a variety of post styles to represent different brands and pieces. Love Shop Share is forever searching the online world for a new addition, and collating the next inspiration board. With her love for Photography and eye for detail Erin takes you along on her fashion journey.

Erin's Instagram account is also mega dreamy - make sure you check it out @ejmaxwell. Erin's style is classic, oversized knits, denim and incredible shoes and handbags - right up my alley. I am sure you will love Erin's style as much as I do. And not only is she incredibly stylish, she is also so lovely, it has been a pleasure interviewing Erin for x



Tell us all about you? Your great loves, your family, where do you live, your blog?

I am a Melbourne born city girl but moved to away in primary shool and I grew up as a small town beach kid down in Ocean Grove. I good move it seems as at the end of High school in 01 I met Nick and a few months later he moved to Ballarat before ending up back in Melbourne. 13 years later with a wedding in Byron Bay, two perfect babies (and two perfect fur babies Ralph and Macie) and a newly finished beach house life is pretty great. I hope our next home is to New York as I am desperate to live here one day. I am an American Citizen with my mum (‘mom’) born and bread in NYC and her family all yanks so its in my blood. Always a lover of fashion and being creative is second nature. I am obsessed with a beautiful picture and now trying to create my own.

How would your loved ones describe you?

Loyal, Stubborn, passionate. If I take no for an answer its conditional.

Seriously love your style and your blog. How did LOVE SHOP SHARE start? Tell us all the details?

The Blog started over 3 years ago after having Milla and leaving my Visual Merchandising and fashion career to be a mumma I needed an outlet to share my love for fashion and photography and have nothing to do with being a mum so ‘love shop share’ was born. Back then there was no instagram and having a blog was not so much about followers and being popular but people creating and sharing their passion and loves for anyone that wanted to listen. I like to think that I have stayed true to my brand and over time evolved with where I am at in my life. After all its my fashion journey and my story so it has to move with me.

Your daughter is so gorgeous, I melt every time you post a photo of Milla on Instagram, where do you buy Milla’s clothes?

Thank you! She is such a caring and loving soul and at 3 so compassionate its beautiful. I shop online for pretty much everything. Love Seed, Country Road and Cotton On kicks goals for kids clothes. Zara kids always a fave stop and Online loves Alex and Alexa, minibots for bobo choses and mini rodini and we love Converse for high tops.

How has been a mumma changed you and your style?

I guess I know when to wear my favourite things and when not too especially since Archie came into our lives! I made a decision when starting the blog and in turn working from home that I always get up and get ‘ready’ usually in jeans and a tee or knit. I have always loved simple style and basics which tends to always suit.

What is a typical week like at your place?

Forever crazy busy! Nick has a very busy schedule which changes every week and it has been like that for him for a long time so with me getting busier with my own things we just have to be organised. Milla is at day care twice a week and Archie home with me all the time. Events and meetings for me are too all over the place so we just have to juggle it all and work it in.

Your husband is an AFL Player, do you love getting dressed up for the Brownlow and the Club Best and Fairest?

I guess any excuse to get glammed is fun and there are a few of them through out the year but wouldn’t exactly say it’s love! I am more of a denim and tee kinda girl or I call it more off duty cocktail of skirts and tops ad where leather is ok. I have an amazing Makeup go to and Angie at Boda Haircutters sorts the mane out which is the best part of the glamming.

Talk us through what’s involved when getting ready for a night like the Brownlow?

It all starts (and ends really) with the dress and last year I had the amazing Kyha at One Day Bridal and super stylist and friend Lana Wilkinson looking after me. My fave year by far. There is a lot of work in the process - just not by me! The dress is custom made and designed for me and I just let them do their thing. Lana sources accessories and I wore my own shoes. I actually went on holiday the week before and they changed the whole dress color and everything while I was gone! I just have to come to the fittings and I put total trust in the starts of the show as at the end of the day I see it as the perfect opportunity to showcase local red carpet talent here in Melbourne. We have a room at Crown where hair and makeup is and the show begins!

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What are your footy season wardrobe staples?

Jeans, oversized knits and cardigans with layers. Boots and usually a chunky knit scarf at night games.

What are you inspired by right now?

Photography. I think it says so much about a moment and a person. Talking without saying anything at all. Discovering ways to capture style and fashion through the lens.

Who’s cupboard would you like to raid?

At the moment Kimmy K. The Kanye effect has been a life changer for her. Bring on the leather balmain shirt and pencil skirt!

What is your dream holiday?

NYC is hard to go past, shopping and wining and dining all over the amazing city. I wouldn’t refuse Paris either or travelling across Europe. I get bored on island getaways. In saying that I am pretty content as long as my friends and family are there we could be anywhere and I would be happy.

What is something interesting that not many people know about you?

I know every word and totally nail Shoop and Whata man. I love to sing - with these songs an exception usually the wrong words and not in tune.

Is the next Question ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’.... Beyonce.

Your greatest achievements?

Becoming a mum. It’s bloody hard work and there is no other job like it but nothing beats being someone’s whole world and the unconditional love that you get is irreplaceable.

I love knowing about creative peoples spaces, what is your home like?

I have almost finished a reno upstairs which will be my space and studio for all things LSS. I am a lover of black and white and Scandinavian styling. I have a large gold trimmed mirror and skulls and sheepskin rugs to decorate. I am on the hunt for a natural coloured cow hide and black and white framed artworks.

Favourite Instagram accounts to follow?

Paris in Four Months, The Coveteur, Who What Wear.

Favourite blogs?

Garence Dore, My Scandinavian Home, WhoWhatWear, We Wore What, Camille Over The Rainbow.

Favourite Magazines?

Elle Australia and of course Vogue from all countries.

What would you sell your soul for?

A boy bag, an apartment in NYC, A Celine biker leather jacket... what soul?!

Words to live by?

Live in the moment and remember to stop and take it in. Also - Focus only on what you can control.

In 5 years time I will be.....

Living abroad with my family and two dogs taking photos of amazing woman who share a love for fashion and lifestyle.... we can dream cant we? If I am here doing much the same as I am now I will still be happy and blessed with the loves of my life that I have.


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E R I N x

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