MAURIE & EVE | Kelly Davies-Green

Say H E Y to the incredibly beautiful and talented creator of Maurie & Eve, Kelly Davies-Green.

Kelly is the loveliest of humans, a great mother, wife and one hell of a business woman. I came across Kelly on Instagram and have been following her adventures for quite some time. Kelly along with great friends Maya Clemmensen and Scott Davies have created one of Australia's favourite labels and it's easy to see why so many of us have fallen in love with Maurie & Eve with creators as effortlessly cool as Kelly at the helm. 

I cannot thank Kel enough for taking the time out of her ever so busy life to do this interview, you are one in a million x

Tell us all about you? Your great loves, your family, where do you live, your job?

Designer/Director of Maurie & Eve.

Living on Sydney’s Northern Beaches with my Husband, Daughter Bowie and Son Ryder.

Always have been a dreamer and a believer! I love to love and feel happiest nurturing others.

How would your loved ones describe you?

I asked Maya and this was her answer...

Strongest and most compassionate woman I know. The most intuitive person I've ever met, you know things before I even I realise I'm feeling them. The best friend a girl could have. The best mumma a child could want. My absolute soul sista. 

MAURIE & EVE - I seriously love everything you and your label create, it’s the perfect Australian brand. How did Maurie & Eve start? Tell us all the details?

My grandparents Maurie and Eve passed away in a tragic car accident in 2001. I was left my grandmothers sewing machine so I started making pieces for friends and before I knew it I had orders from a handful of stores in Sydney! Maya, Scott I always dreamt of one day starting a label and working together and a few years later we took the leap. Maya left her job in TV and the  of us started this crazy journey!

Talk us through your latest collection? 

The Spring ’14 “High Speed Dreaming” collection embodies elegance and sophistication with the Maurie & Eve street wear twist.

What is it that you love about creating beautiful clothing?

Making women around the world feel good about themselves!

How do you juggle being a mumma to seriously cute kids whilst running and designing for Maurie & Eve?

It’s a juggle! Organisation is the key!

Maurie & Eve is a business that never sleeps. We have customers all over the world and our production team will email us late into the night. I always dreamt of being able to have the best of both worlds and these days it's all about balance.

In the beginning it was extremely tough… Working long days in the office with a newborn, breastfeeding, changing nappies, packing orders, designing and not to mention all whilst sleep deprived.

I’m extremely passionate about Maurie & Eve but my family always comes first. Bowie and Ryder are my world so I make sure I’m always there for them. I do school and daycare drop offs in the morning and I’m always home to cook them dinner and tuck them into bed at night.  

My Husband has his own business too so he is really supportive and understanding when it’s a crazy month at work. 

What is a typical week like at your place?

My husband is out of the house really early so I usually have an hour of peace and quiet before the kids wake up. Thankfully Bowie and Ryder are late risers so I really enjoy the early mornings to check my list for the day and have a quiet cup of tea.

Once the kids are up, it's go time! Breakfast, clean up, get them dressed, try to do Bowie’s hair, chase naked Ryder around the kitchen bench demanding he gets dressed. Pack bags, make beds, I have to leave the house tidy or I feel like unorganised for the day. We drop Bowie to school and then I take Ryder to family daycare. Luckily my office Is on the Northern Beaches so it's not too far to drive. I get into the office at 9:30 and enjoy my breakfast while I check emails. The head office is always busy but some weeks are insane!

Maya, Scott and I travel a bit so most weeks we’re busy getting ready for an overseas trip meeting with our production teams. We have four photo-shoots a year but they seem to come around really fast so there’s never a rest from designing the next range. Every week with Maurie & Eve is different which I love because I have the balance of home life being quite regular.

What are your wardrobe staples?

Denim, lace, white t's, chambray, crochet, chunky knitwear and a million bikinis. I like to mix clean and polished with a little boho.

What are you inspired by right now?

Travel, music, films, friends, food - everyday we’re inspired and it can be from something so random… I’m always writing notes to myself throughout the day!

Who’s cupboard would you like to raid?

Elin Kling

Caroline De Maigret 

What is your dream holiday?

Anywhere tropical!!!!

My husband surfs and the kids are real beach babies. I’m happiest in the sun.

Your greatest achievements?

Looking back over the past 10 years and seeing how far we’ve come! We’ve gone through a lot together and it's an amazing feeling sharing it with your best-friends. We travel, we design, we laugh, sometimes cry and we always have each other to lean on.  

I love knowing about creative peoples spaces, what is your home like? 

Simplistic, organic, modern and a little ethnic.

Except for the kids rooms they’re fun, bright, busy and usually noisy! 

Favourite Instagram accounts to follow?

Oh my gosh so many good ones!

Caroline De Maigret
Lena Perminova

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Nomadic Empire
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Favourite blogs?

They All Hate Us
Shine by Three
Maiden Sydney

Favourite Magazines?

Harpers Bazaar
Real Living

What would you sell your soul for?

Borg Mogenson Chair and a large leather backpack from The Row.

Words to live by?

Know your passion. Follow it. Dream it. Live it 

In 5 years time I will be.....

Oh gosh who knows? Maybe more babies, maybe another house to renovate... Hopefully a long trip through Europe with my little family.  A lot can happen in 5 years so if any of the these happen I’d be happy!


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