Nothing beats an Australian christmas break with those nearest and dearest to you. For me this years Christmas was extra special as we had both Michael's and my parents in the same country for the first time. We ate like kings and laughed all day long, it will go down as one of the best Christmas' yet. 

I have teamed up with Australian Grapes to show you how we like to share a meal with loved ones. My husband is an insanely talented cook, so he works his magic in the kitchen, while he does the cooking, I make everything look pretty and man the cocktail bar, it's the perfect set up!

And voila here is the end result. If you want any of the recipes, email me sophie@peppahart.com.


  • Cheese + grape platters
  • Seafood always plenty of seafood; oysters, grilled prawns + fish
  • Freekeh salad
  • Quinoa salad
  • Macadamia encrusted ham
  • Roasted parsnip chips
  • Fetta + beetroot tart
  • Mango + avocado salsa
  • Homemade condiments
  • Parmesan + basil baked cherry tomatoes
  • Pink pavlova topped with Persian fairy floss
  • Raw mud + nut cake topped with berries 


  • Watermelon + grape infused punch
  • Champagne + rasberries + frozen grapes (keeps your champagne cold like ice but doesn't melt and water down your drinks) + edible flowers