I love to change my house around constantly, I quickly get over the things I have chosen for my place. My bedroom especially! I love to walk into my bedroom and feel like I have escaped from the craziness of my world. My studio is based at home so I feel like I need to have clear boundaries about work/rest. When I head to my room I wanna relax, feel like it's a place to just chill-out with my husband, watch a movie in bed or have a lazy Sunday sleep in. 

B E D R O O M  B E F O R E

So about a month ago I made a plan to update my bedroom to have a fresh, luxe vibe and at that very same time Sleepmaker got in touch and wanted to collaborate on a shoot together, it was perfect timing as we were in the market for a new mattress for our room. Funny how things align at the same time, it has been happening a whole lot lately and it seriously blows my mind, all about those positive thoughts and creating and imagining a life you want. 

So to pick our dream mattress we used the Comfort Selector on the Sleepmaker website to pick what suited our needs, we already had a king ensemble so only needed the top mattress updated. Mr Bell gets up wayyyy before me so the most important part was having as little disturbance as possible when he gets out of bed and we also wanted something pretty supportive, I had a hectic car accident 18 months ago so my body needs all the love and support it can get but we didn't want anything rock hard, more on the plush side.

We entered all our details into the Comfort Selector and the local suppliers appeared which matched our needs, I went off to Domayne in Bundall on the Gold Coast and tested all the beds out in person. It was so fun, laying around and chatting to all the mega helpful staff. I didn't realise how much goes into finding your perfect mattress! Which side you sleep on, your weight, partner disturbance and health. After enjoying the testing out for a little too long, we had found out perfect mattress the Capella Medium King Mattress, holy cloud land! 


With a smooth knitted cover which adjusts to your body shape, the Capella Medium Mattress offers a blissful feel and solid sleep support. This mattress is part of the Sleepmaker Silhouette Collection and features a cloud top design, gel touch material and a memory foam layer to ensure absolute comfort.


  • The Capella Medium Mattress is made with a cloud top design, independent support technology and Air Cool memory foam with gel touch material
  • An even loft surface, with a smooth knitted cover, helps to conform to body shapes, while a graphene-infused memory foam layer adds even further comfort
  • Firm and plush options also available in the Capella range

So now that we had the perfect mattress I had to come up with the perfect bedroom makeover // PINTEREST COME AT ME.

M O O D   B O A R D

Of course all great makeovers start with a Pinterest board.

D E L I V E R Y 

Totally almost kissed the delivery driver when this bad boy arrived, so instead of making him feel super awkward I just hugged the mattress instead. 


And BOOOOOM just like that I became the lady who lives in her bed // Holy heavenly cloud land mattress, I really underestimated just how epic a good mattress can be. This beauty contours to your body, I can pretty much do summersaults on my side and Mr Bell doesn't move a centimetre, I am so excited to get into bed every night and find it oh so hard to get out of it in the morning. 

G I V E A W A Y 

I want you to enjoy the Sleepmaker luxury like I have been, the beautiful team are giving me a killer prize pack to giveaway on Instagram valued at $700! All the details on how you can win will be revealed this Friday.

Now that you have read about the mattress and looked at the mood board, I cannot wait to show you the full makeover. Here is a little sneaky peek at the photos I added to Instagram while it was all happening last week.

Room makeover post will be going live on Friday // LOVE + PEACE x