all things beauty

now that our main to do’s have been ticked off the wedding planning list my attention has turned to styling and all things beauty. with our wedding being in bali and not being able to have a make-up or hair trial before we arrive i am leaning towards having an aussie fly over with us to do it all. that way i can get to know our lovely artist before the wedding and have a few practise runs. 

i have started to put together some inspiration, i would prefer hair down with big loose curls. given that bali is so mega hot, my hair might need to go up after the dancing starts. loose braids would to do the trick. 

as for make-up, again due to weather it’s going to be a matt/powder finish on all my makeup to make sure it doesn’t budge. i love smokey eyes and will definitely be ramping up my eye make-up once the reception begins. 

my beautiful bridesmaids will all have make-up and hair that suits them individually, definitely not going for the matchy-matchy look. 

Sophie BellComment