finally we have an engagement party date. hooray. 

it has taken quite some time for us to get it together and set a date in stone, christmas was so busy with family visiting from far and wide. we thought about having our party this month but we were taking a quick trip to bali, so more delays. with my job there is only some weekends that i am free, majority of the weekends i am super busy working in the afl. but hooray we have a weekend that fits my work schedule and my close friends and family.

we looked into having our party at a venue but after enquiring at a few of our local favourite places we have decided to have it at our place. i think it’s more special having it in the place where we are making our life toegther. we are mid renovation at the moment, so setting an actual date means we now have deadlines for getting the reno’s completed or else there won’t be a fabulous deck to entertain on. 

my mind is now filled with millions of decorating and styling ideas to make our house into an engagement party wonderland. there will definitely be delicious cocktails, pom pom’s, candles, lace, a huge assortment of vintage glass bottles, loads of laughs and plenty of dancing.

now that we have a date, i want to get to designing our invites. i dabble a little in graphic design in my job so i am going to design our invites. fingers crossed they don’t look completely home made and lame…. i have posted some inspiration above, i will keep you posted on here with the process, from concepts to printing. 

we both are now feeling so excited that we are making decision on not just our engagement party but the wedding as well. i cannot wait to share the whole adventure with you here on peppa hart bride xx