i recently stumbled upon this little beauty “from the owl”, it’s a beautiful online store that takes the hassle out of should we ask our wedding guests for money or pressies? from the owl gives you the option to do both. yes you can make a little donation towards our dream honeymoon or you can select one of the EPIC little house goodies from the registry. 

the thought of asking people for money to be honest makes me feel a little uncomfortable, but it does makes sense. both mr bell and i have been living out of home for years and years and have everything we need for our love nest. 

check out their site fromtheowl.com, i am sure you will love it as much as i do.

p.s you can even create your own wedding website from their site as well - pretty handy to keep all your guests up to date with the wedding plans. 

+ let me know what you think about wishing wells, would you feel comfortable asking your guests for cashola?