interview with beautiful bride to be rachel magahy

rach is the brains (and beauty) behind in spaces between is one of my absolute favourite blogs. you have to check it out for a whole bunch of reasons, mainly because of rachel’s very inspiring words, her gorgeous personality that comes out in every post or simply because the pictures are so damn pretty.

i was lucky enough to meet rach at a work meeting and as soon as we met we clicked, we are scarily similar in all our tastes which has become very apparent with all our “pinning” and emails back and forward about wedding plans. rach has one of the warmest souls i have ever met, as soon as i met rach i felt like we had been friends for years.

so here it is, rach’s engagement story and wedding planning deatils. make sure you take a peek at rach & ramai’s wedding website it is beautiful

can you tell us about your love story and proposal?

there’s a big story here so i’m going to be lazy and direct you to our wedding website where you’ll hear all the juicy details, click here

did you have an engagement party?

we sure did. the unofficial theme of our engagement party was “an enchanted spring afternoon” which basically involved us bringing all the special people in our lives together in the park in burleigh on a gorgeously sunny november day.

we hung lanterns from trees, set up marquees and put on a feast (including a dessert buffet!) and laid blankets and mismatched cushions all over the grass so everyone could sit around eating and drinking in the sun. the idea was that we wanted it to be really relaxed, full of love and laughter and good food. we also had a photobooth and our dodgy mullet/ hideous costume collection got a hell of a workout that day!

when did you start the wedding planning process?

good question! we’ve been engaged for 18 months and we’ve had quite a few stops and starts along the way after our first venue fell through and our second venue sold just before christmas last year. eek!

thankfully, after a bit of a scramble, we booked the venue of our dreams two days before xmas, which was a huge relief (as you can imagine) so i guess we’ve been officially planning for about 3 months.

once our big day rolls around on june 2, we’ll have about 6 months of solid planning in the bag.

what has been the biggest struggle of planning your wedding?

definitely the part where our wedding venue sold and we weren’t notified until a month after! not ideal. i try not to get too stressed about things but being the end of a very busy year, that definitely left me feeling really overwhelmed and there were more than a few conversations about taking off to italy and eloping. seriously.

balancing a full-time job, a full-time blog and turning the wedding around in 6 months – sans wedding planner – has also been… interesting (on occasion) but ultimately it’s about working with what life throws at you and trying to keep some semblance of sanity along the way. and eating lots of chocolate when it all gets too much ;)

what is the best part about planning your wedding?

getting to unleash my creativity – taking the vision in my head and turning it into something ‘concrete’ has been a heap of fun. i’ve been on a moodboard making bender! just. cant. stop.

i also loved creating our wedding website (and spent most of the time writing it with tears streaming down my face) because it gave me a chance to reflect on all the beautiful memories ramai and i have created together over the past 6 years we’ve been together.  writing about my beautiful best friends was also really emotional and i hope that i captured the essence of each of their personalities in a way that does them justice.

has your fiancé ramai helped with the process or is this more your baby?

i’m really lucky that ramai is a super organised person (virgo superstar all the way!) so he’s willingly taken on a few of the tasks that i wasn’t too keen on like booking transport, dealing with the hire company (for our marquee/ other bits and pieces), organising the alcohol – as you can tell, he was devastated he had to ‘taste test’ all the beers! – and booking our wedding night accommodation.

oh, and i can’t forget to mention that he did an amazing job of tying the twine around half of our wedding invites, which was a huge help.

what is inspiring your big day? is there a definite style you have gone with?

we love being outside, and while we both can’t be away from water too long before our souls start to wilt, we also have a thing with being amongst trees and lots of greenery, so natural elements will play a big part in the overall ‘style’ of the day.

the look will be raw and rustic – with a contemporary twist – effortlessly beautiful, dreamy, a mix of old and new. i’ve been collecting vintage pieces for quite some time, so we’ll be incorporating those in the styling for sure, and we’ll also be using lots of fairy lights, lanterns and candles around the property. i can’t wait to see how it all comes together on the day!

are you going down the diy road at all?

oh yes, in a big way! all the décor, our dessert buffet, the arch at our ceremony and a bunch of other things will be our own creations. 

what are you most looking forward to about your wedding day?

all of it!

that moment when i’m walking down the aisle and i first lock eyes with ramai. the moment when we’re signing the registry and we’re officially declared ‘husband and wife.’ the dancing and celebrating. the getting-ready-with-my-girls part.

it’s all going to be unforgettable, and i’m super excited (is it obvious?!)

who is your wedding photographer and why did they stand out so much to you and ramai?

our wedding photographer is the gorgeous ali mitton, and she stood out to us because she is so enormously talented! she’s not a wedding photographer by trade – which we love – and we know she’s going to wield her magic on the day.

(check out ali mitton’s work here, wowsers so beautiful)

where are you heading for your honeymoon?

we’re not going on our honeymoon straight away (as we want something to look forward to after the excitement of the day wears off) but when we do we’re heading to italy and a few other (yet to be decided) spots in europe.

what is the most important piece of advice you can offer all the ladies out there going through the wedding planning process?

oh, so many things! a few of my top tips are:

  •  work to a date in your mind that is about 3 – 4 weeks out from your wedding so that if any unexpected things pop up towards the end of your planning, you’ll have ample time to get them done (without stressing).
  • if you’re not already on there, sign up to pinterest immediately, if not sooner, for inspiration galore.
  • forget wedding magazines and go straight to the wedding blogs, like this gorgeous one!
  •  that said, i do highly recommend the cosmo bride wedding timeline checklist – i love crossing off tasks each week (i have one at work and one on the fridge at home).
  • remember, all that matters on your big day is your love. pure and simple. it should be a fun, joyful, beautiful celebration of the love between you and your man, and although it’s easy to lose sight of that once you immerse yourself in the ‘wonderful world of weddings,’ you can guarantee that after all is said and done, people will remember the tear in his eye when he first saw you at the top of the aisle, or the touching speeches, or the way you laughed and danced together all night. like anything in life, the beauty lies in the people and the feelings, not the ‘things’ – and while i absolutely adore the creative, stylistic elements of wedding planning, to me all that really matters is that our wedding is real and true to us.

and last of all tell us what marriage means to you?

laughing – everyday. appreciating – always.  loving – for eternity.

marriage to me means having my best friend, lover, soulmate and favourite person in the universe by my side for life. it means back tickles, hidden love notes, silly dancing around the house, a million kisses, hand-holding, shared travel adventures, equal values, a shoulder to cry on and honesty. it’s feeling so comfortable together that sometimes it feels like one person in two bodies. above all else, to me marriage is about taking the little moments, and the big moments, and filling them up with as much love as humanly possible. together. 


i have posted some images of rach and ramai (so in love), a picture of their stunning invitations and some of the wedding inspiration rach has posted on her blog over the past few months. 

i really cannot wait to see all the photos from their magical day, it will be filled with so much love and such amazing style. 

huge thanks to rach for your words, i wish you and ramai all the love, happiness and health in the world xx