now for little lauren hayes. lauren has been a friend of mine for a long time, a friend who is extremely loyal and would do anything for her loved ones. we have been through a million things together and lauren has recently moved to sweden which is so amazing for her but we miss lauren everyday.

i was lucky enough to fly to stockholm at the end of last year for a visit, it was seriously the most beuatiful city and we had the most special time with lauren and her boyfriend mikael, a time that i will never forget. 

even though lauren is on the other side of the world, she is still involved in every part of our wedding. i love lauren so much and cannot wait to have all her creative/stylish touch added to our wedding.

thank you for everything lauren xx

and here is what lauren has to say…. 

for me, the best thing about the wedding will be sharing in the celebration of one of the most amazing people i know get married to the most amazing man she knows.

some of these images aren’t just about the day but really what embodies the whole idea of being married, spending the rest of your life with a person who you couldn’t dream of spending life without, and a few thoughts on long lives together.

for the special day, i think that most importantly it should completely represent the two people getting married, for sophie and bell that’s easily said in a few words, warm, cosy, candle lit, rustic, and romantic, oh and creative and maybe a bit quirky.

the images are mostly representative of this, the makeup, dress, and the hair (romantic), the room and the place seating (warm, cosy, candle lit, and rustic), the strawberry bride and groom (creative).

their day will be beautiful and magical and special because they will have made it that way, with lots of love in the room. i can’t wait to be there. xx


beautiful words and photos lauren, i loved every single part xx

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