ok so where do i start….. maybe with WOW

this is a little snap shot of one of the most beautiful weddings i have ever laid my little eyes on. this is rachel and ramai’s wedding, you met rachel earlier on peppa hart bride here. rachel is the mega super woman behind in spaces between

rachel and ramai’s wedding was jam packed with awesomeness, from the beautiful setting, to her perfect dress, to the decorations, to the amazing menu and they are so madly in love as you can tell by the smitten look on their faces throughout their day. it really was a dream wedding.

i am lucky enough to call rachel a friend and someone who inspires the hell out of me! 

to check out the whole wedding visit rach’s beautiful site here, there is all the details and the list of awesome suppliers rach used. you will be even more in love once you hear how much of the wedding rach diy’ed, she is super woman xx

+ keep an eye out in cosmopolitan bride next month for rachel’s beautiful wedding! 

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