please, pretty please forgive me for being so slack on the blogging front. my job got so very busy over the last few months. 

but the good news is i am back, and with under 6 months until i get married inspiration will be at an all time high.

the big things are in place, venue CHECK, photographer CHECK, dress CHECK, bridesmaids dresses CHECK, honeymoon CHECK. 

it’s all the fun small stuff which makes the wedding extra special, it’s all the little touches like personalised napkins, coasters and the beautiful styling which will stick in our beloved guests hearts. the small stuff is what i love, and will go crazy making and designing over the next 6 months. 

so it’s time to get cracking and get to organising the hell out of this most special day! 

our wedding theme is “young hearts run free” so with that anything goes, it’s going to an eclectic mix of prints, colour, bohemian and modern. in my head it looks amazing, so let’s hope it looks amazing in real life… xx