so next up on the awesome list of bridesmaids is rachel jordan. where do i start, rachel and i have been friends for around five years, but have become extremely close over the past 12 months.

we have travelled near and far, we have so many amazing memories together from stockholm to wooli to just spending almost every weekend together. we have our own room at her house for the weekends haha. we are so lucky because the men in both our lives have been best friends since primary school so while they go surfing we get to hang out and have the best of fun.

i am so excited to have rachel involved in our wedding, her boyfriend ben will be michael’s best man and we both are so excited to have rachel and ben standing by our sides for such a special moment in our lives.

rach has put together an epic montage of photos which shows our families and adventures, absolutely love it! and here is what miss rachel jordan has to say….

i have been thinking on what to write in this post for over a week now and as the last bridesmaid to send it to sophie i have been feeling a little bit of pressure. i will apologise in advance for anything that sounds corny but i am used to writing scientific papers not blogs on romance and love but here goes. 

when i first met sophie and michael they were friends who separately lit up the room, everyone would instantly gravitate towards them. sophie with her amazing sense of style, kindness and beautiful smile and michael with his over the top fashion and larger than life personality.

at the beginning of last year we were all lucky enough to witness their friendship grow into a beautiful love and respect for each other. while they still light up a room separately it is the moments that we are spending with them together that they truly shine. they are just so much fun to be around! these moments have been filled with laughter, love, tears, and sharing of our dreams and aspirations all over amazing food, incredible locations and most of all friendship and family.

with sophie and michael’s style and creativity combined (add a touch of romance, a side of edginess, a dash of eclectic and a wee bit of sweetness) i know that they will have the most amazing invites, gorgeous location, beautiful flowers, incredible décor, smart suits and a traffic stopping wedding dress.

but what i am looking forward to is being part of the fun, laughter, spontaneity, adventure and most of all the contagious love that they share for each other. 

all my love mr and mrs b xxxx


absolutely love it! talk about excited, reading all the beautiful words from our favourite ladies is making me and mr bell so happy. my gorgeous big sisters will be up next, can’t wait to hear from them. xx

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