the next bunch of kind, beautiful words come from roxy tabrizi kim kardashian. roxy will also be my maid of honour. it sounds kinda crazy having two maid of honours but i seriously could not pick between them, i have been friends with both roxy and courtney for over a decade. a decade filled with the best of times, a million laughs and a few tears. 

roxy is the most generous and caring person alive. i was lucky enough to live with roxy last year and it was the best time of our lives. i feel honoured to have both my oldest and closest friends next to me and to help me with the whole wedding planning process. 

this is what the gorgeous roxy tabrizi has to say and yes she does look like kim kardashian haha. 

my best friends wedding

she has stood by my side for as long as i could remember, made the sun shine when i only saw rain, brought a smile and laughter when all i knew was sadness and for that i will be eternally grateful.

i am now honored and blessed as she has chosen me to stand by her side and say “i do” to her true love. i envision a day full of love, romance, candles, fairy lights, bright colors, impeccable style and grace and the start to eternal happiness.

i picture subtle black and white stripes as a backdrop to flowing bright colours, romantic candles, pom poms galore, fairy lights as far as the eye can see. i imagine vintage styling with hints of sophie’s creative and crave-worthy individuality. fashion to drool over, lace and organza and a bride that will glisten and glow.

my mind runs wild with what this day will look like and i am bursting with excitement to watch it all unveil before us, but i know it will be a day to remember and a time to treasure.   


i seriously love my friends, so blessed xx

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