this is definitely my favourite time of the year. let’s  E A T   D R I N K  &   B E   M E R R Y.

enjoy every moment you have with your loved ones, i plan to walk on the beach every morning, eat everything i want, share a million laughs, drink wine and stay up late. these are the moments with your family and friends that you will cherish for your whole life. 

in the past 12 months my life has changed dramatically, i am so greatful for everything and everyone that i have in my life. i am one lucky lady. 

i really can not wait to see what the next 12 months will bring… engagement party, planning a wedding, renovating our house, working in a role that i love for the gc suns and hopefully heading overseas for another amazing adventure. the last holiday will be pretty hard to top but i will give it my best shot.


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