this week on peppa hart bride we are chatting to another very talented bride to be, the lovely sarah schoeller.

sarah is one half of the talented duo behind the village markets, if you haven’t visited tvm you are seriously missing out. tvm is a fortnightly market which showcases emerging designers, artists, photographers and vintage collectors. it’s the perfect way to spend a sunday morning drinking a coffee and finding some treasures.

i am dying to see sarah’s wedding day ideas, sarah has beautiful style and is absolutely stunning. can’t wait to see how her big day unfolds. i am super lucky to be surrounded by some very inspiring brides to be at the moment. 

can you tell us about your proposal/love story?

we try to alternate christmases, spending one in nz and one in australia (jay’s a kiwi). last year was nz’s turn so we headed off with my whole family in tow for a ‘kiwi christmas’. despite being thrown off by the earthquakes (a 6.2 two days before christmas!) jay and i took a road trip to lake tekapo. it’s one of my favourite places in nz and my favourite lake in the south island. the water is a spectacular aqua colour and it’s not easily forgotten. after lunching, we headed down to the lake to skim rocks. next thing i turn around and jay’s on bended knee, voice trembling, asking me to be his wife! all whilst trying to remove the ring from his undies!

did you have an engagement party, if yes what did you do for it? 

we had an impromptu party/bbq in nz on new years eve. it was lovely - our closest friends and our families, huddled around a heater enjoying a bbq and a few ciders.

we just recently had another party at our place. it was the best. close friends and family, good food (thanks mum and dad!) and loads of punch. it was the best having all our friends and family in the one place and we have some lovely photos from the day.

have you started the wedding planning process?

yes and no. i’ve bought my girls their bridesmaid dresses and we’ve viewed a couple of venues. we’re thinking of getting married at my parent’s property in northern nsw.  i’m not one for rules and would prefer to party all night. with guests coming from all over, this suits us best. 

have you let the bridal party know who they are, if yes what were their reactions?

i’ve told my four closest girlfriends and sister. their reactions have all been different - there’s been tears, loads of excitement and lots of ‘you’ve made my day!’.  

what has been the best part of planning a wedding so far? has there been any negative experiences?

the best part of planning so far would have to be pinning (check out sarah’s pinterest board here)! i don’t know what i would do without that site. there’s a few brides to be around at the moment and boards like your ‘wedding love’ are great sources of inspiration. does watching ‘four weddings’ and ‘don’t tell the bride’ count?

i haven’t had any negative experiences yet (touch wood).

is your fiancé helping with the planning or is this more your project?

i got jay ‘groomology – what every smart groom needs to know’ as a joke. we had a flick through and a giggle at the traditional roles at weddings. we’re most likely to split the job list and do some together. luckily our taste is very similar and i’m looking forward to doing all the fun stuff with him.

what is inspiring your big day so far? is there a definite style you are leaning towards?

i’m really looking forward to what i hope will be a super relaxing and causal day. being on a farm it will be slightly rustic, have vintage elements and loads of fairy lights and lanterns. i really wanted to have an outdoor wedding (no marquee, just tables set up in the paddock, but mum seems to have an issue with that, saying if it rains we can’t ask people to come back next weekend!).

are you going down the diy road at all?

i’m seriously considering diy-ing some paper poms poms for the trees and i’ve already put in a request for 40 picnic tables from my little bro (he’s a carpenter). i’m sure there’ll be other items along the way!

what are you most looking forward to about your wedding day?

partying with our friends and family, special moments with my parents and girls and having a husband! (that sounds so strange!)

have you picked a wedding photographer? 

i’ve got one in mind. i’d love nat mccomas ( if she’s available. i’ve worked with nat many times now and she’s just so easy going and her photographs are amazing. she took the snaps from our engagement party too.

any dream destinations you want to visit for you honeymoon?

we’re thinking of putting off a honeymoon until next year. things are a little crazy at the moment as we’re about to start a major reno on our house. i’m thinking we might do a few days os somewhere (bali, nz… ) then head off to europe next year.

what is the most important piece of advice you can offer all the ladies out there going through the wedding planning process?

rally your family and friends to help. even if you’re a control freak like me, i’m going to try and take my own advice. i’m sure i’ll have a few more after the wedding!

and last of all tell us what marriage means to you?

becoming a family, togetherness, knowing that someone always has your back and through love, becoming one. 


there is a huge trend with brides living by “pinterest” it really is the wedding planners bible at the moment. you can check out peppa hart pinterest boards by clicking here

above you can see the loved up couple sarah and jay, a few pics from their recent engagement party as well as some of the images that are inspiring sarah so far.

huge congrats to sarah + jay on your engagement, such an exciting special time in your life, i really cannot wait to see all the inspiration leading up to your wedding & thanks for taking the time to chat to peppa hart bride xx 

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