treasure yourself update

heading into my second week of the amazing treasure yourself project, if you have no idea what i am talking about then head over to miss lori jai’s blog by clicking here. i promise you won’t regret it. 

this week has been a successful one. i am back into my personal training sessions despite the freezing weather. tonight was horrendous fun, running around in the dark holding a giant rope above my head, i feel a million times better when i am exercising and it’s all worth it once i get there. 

tonight i arrived home to an amazing dinner cooked by mr bell and a sneaky new pair of shoes he grabbed from the shops today, just because. i am so grateful to have so much love from him. 

the main ritual i have started is to be grateful for the small stuff, this week i am extremely grateful for having a warm and amazing home to live in, a job that challenges me everyday, the love and support from so many people, grateful that my mind is constantly ticking over with new ideas - and this has led to some exciting projects (much more on that at a later date) and grateful that i am planning my dream wedding. i am so incredibly blown away with how spoilt we were at our engagement party, we received so many beautiful gifts and cards, i still can’t believe it. 

i have also downloaded sarah wilson’s i quit sugar e-book. it’s an 8 week program to help you cut out nasty sugars from our diet, it’s going to be a challenge and a half as i love a sweet treat. if you want to know more about i quit sugar, visit i will keep you posted on the process, wish me luck! 

all in all i am feeling full of happiness and trying to not let the small stuff bother me, it’s all about focusing on making my dreams become reality.

i have posted some images of what last week consisted of, if you are on instagram come say hello, you can find me @peppahart. i will update again in a week’s time, would love to know what you are grateful for x

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